You as designer?

Are you convinced that your product should be on the market? Let us know!

When you send your design to BlueDot, together with our team we will check the feasibility of your idea (see registration procedure below). When your product is ready for production, BlueDot will help you to realize a small batch. The product will be sold via our webshop and other available channels. When your product is a success, there is an opportunity to make some money with your own product.

Registration procedure

To validate if your product would be suitable for BlueDot you should send an email to with the following:

1. Your motivation as designer
2. Something visual that support the explanation of your idea/product
3. A description of your idea/product in which you mention:

  • How the product is used
  • The story behind your idea/product
  • Why your idea/product is unique

Based on your email we will evaluate the design and if we see potential we will contact you.