BlueDot Design Competition 2020: Calm & Chaos

We proudly present this year’s theme for the Design Competition: Calm & Chaos! In the fast moving world nowadays, people are constantly rushing around. Is there still time for a moment of rest or calmness? How do you escape, take a break from the busy world? How do you define chaos and calmness? It is up to you how you interpret the theme!

Enrolment for the Design Competition has closed. Visit the IDE Business Fair at March 18th and 19th to vote for you favourite and to see the award ceremony!

BlueDot Design Competition 2020 kick-off

This year the BlueDot design competition is happening again! It is a design competition for all students of the TU Delft. The kick-off of the competition will be on the 13th of november. We will reveal the theme of the competition and present the design brief. Are you curious what the competition is about or what the theme is going to be? Come to the kick-off on november 13th at 12.45 in the main hall of IDE.

Are you interested in joining the competition, or do you want to stay updated about it? Leave your email on the interest list: