BlueDot Board 2018/2019

More then a competition!

  • Jard van Lent – Chairwoman
  • Niels Weggeman – Secretary
  • Rens van Mens – Treasurer
  • Jana Sinitsova – Production
  • Elisa Engelsma – Production
  • Hidde Pierhagen – Marketing
  • Bram Baarslag – Sales

To design for happiness might sound like a grand and daunting undertaking. However, by use of the Design for Happiness deck one can break the phenomenon of happiness down into manageable components! This tool will help designers and organisations to understand the way products and services can be designed to foster human happiness.
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The framework behind this deck has been developed by TU Delft researchers of the Delft Institute of Positive Design Pieter Desmet, Anna Pohlmeyer and Jay Yoon. The design and production was carried out by TU Delft alumni Christiaan Kieft and Simon Jimenez.


This card deck is divided in three essential aspects of the Design for Happiness research: Human goals, Virtues and Emotions. For each aspect there are 24 cards that give an overview of the potential manifestations.