Diffuse coasters all have a unique engraving. This pattern is generated by a custom software that simulates a diffusion reaction. This type of chemical reaction is prevalent in nature and can be seen in the spots on leopards and in the patterns of some fish. The coasters are made from high-grade HPL that is easily cleaned.

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Stefan van der Heijden: Generative design is something I’ve been doing for a while now and thought it’d be appropriate to use a generative design approach for the Diffuse project. I had the wish of designing a product series that appears a clear cohesive collection, but the individual pieces being very different. 



The algorithm that generates the patterns simulates a chemical reaction, in which the concentrations of the reactants vary randomly over the surface. This produces an interesting and unique pattern after every iteration.



Diffuse coaster are all individually engraved in a jig by a computer-controlled lasercutter. This makes for good contrast in colour, but also creates a subtle texture. The edges are finished manually.