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Yesterday we launched our webshop. It is now possible to order BlueDot products directly on our website. Your order will be send within 3-5 office days.  We also like to introduce two webshop only products: Cloudy & Nest. Curious? Read more about these new products and take a look in our webshop. Before you know it these products will shine their light in your house.
Nest is a 3D printed tea light holder made from sandstone. The design is inspired by both natural and technological elements. The shape of the product refers to a birds nest and is accomplished by parameters in a 3D cad program.
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Brian Khouw: “I was inspired to explore new shapes by generative algorithms in Grasshopper. The goal for Nest was to allow parametric design to serve as a form-giving tool.”




The boundary form is inspired by bird nests and how their aesthetics are influenced by different parameters such as local topography and other abiotic factors.



 Nest has a short production cycle. It is an additive manufacturing product made from sandstone and created by 3D printing binding material in a bed of gypsum-based powder.

Cloudy is a lamp made from recycled window coverings. But within the simplicity of the design lies a special opportunity for the user to customize the product. When the lamp touches hot water the shape of the lamellae will change. The user finishes the product at home, making every Cloudy a unique one.
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Stefan van der Heijden: “I want to be the link between design and technology. Elegance can be experienced both in design and engineering.”




Stefan strives for appealing designs as result of minimal, principal solutions to engineering problems. Such as Cloudy, which design is derived from material choice. 



 Cloudy shows how old materials can find new meaning in a different context. The user finishes the design by forming recycled PVC window coverings in a bucket with hot water.